Cuban Flavors, Colors and Stories

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Stroll historical Old Havana with a local who speaks your language.
Taste Cuban cuisine, tropical fruits, vegetables, sweet concoctions. mojito, and café.
Learn the neighborhoods so you can later visit all of our recommendations.

Old Havana Tour

Internet in Cuba is inconsistent

Great food, majestic sights,
wonderful people

Request a guide by language: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German.
Groups are small and personal.
We'll teach you where to go and what to order.

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"Of all the things we did in Havana, this was by far the best!
Hearing the history and tasting it though food on this tour
was the highlight of our trip!
If you miss Havana from a local's perspective,
you've missed the richest parts of its history."
Natalie H.

Cleveland, Ohio USA

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Learn about how Cuba's flavors, colors and stories are similar and different from the Cuba of the past.

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