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on March 16, 2023

Reuters has reported on a series of threats nationwide against election officials who affirmed Biden´s win. Herring said he was unaware of the threats.

“I think all people working on elections should be treated well, but there´s a lot of fake stuff going on, too,” he said.

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That said, Microsoft’s gonna Microsoft sometimes. Some long-term Windows irritations have stuck around. When setting up the OS for the first time, there are still plenty data-sharing and ad-personalization checkboxes to uncheck, and the built-in Edge browser still buries the default search engine settings (to switch the default search engine from Bing to, say, Google) several submenus deep. Switching which apps do what by default is also more complex now; you literally have to assign each file type — .htm, .html, etc. — one by one. Hopefully this will get streamlined at some point.

In his Conservative Party conference speech yesterday, Mr Johnson admitted the process of reshaping the economy to one with less immigration and better wages will be ‘difficult’.

The Democratic strategist´s incontrovertible truth is tough medicine for the party´s aggressive progressive wing, a group of idealistic social engineers who are not content with the possibility of a big win for their party by passing a $1 trillion infrastructure bill that most reasonable people can agree the country needs as part of its COVID-19 recovery, even if the cost makes us gulp.

Instead, this activist group wants to tie that bill to a separate, colossal $3.5 trillion bill that includes all manner of social programs paid for by a major tax increase.

If you’re still looking for another layer of privacy, you can also install helpful extensions from the App Store like AdBlock Plus or Ghostery Lite for Safari. 

Another top artist invited to see Hunter’s work was LA-born Gary Baseman, famous for his ABC/Disney animated series Teachers Pet and illustrations in the New York Times, Rolling Stone magazine and the great board game gifts game Cranium. 

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Derby County’s administrators have already received ‘seven or eight credible expressions of interest’ in buying the club

‘This implied cudgel is particularly effective on industries and companies that are dependent on federal spending or the goodwill of federal regulators,’ the editorial continues.

‘The nonexistent mandate also allows so-inclined state and local governments and companies to issue their own mandates, seemingly in lockstep with Washington.’

When Buck is transported between prisons by train, heavily guarded by soldiers, his acolytes spring him. Now he wants reparations from Love’s gang, but Love has another form of justice in mind because, yes, Buck is the man who shot his pa.