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Flying into Cuba is What’s Legal

on June 5, 2019

Flying into CUBA is What’s Legal

On Tuesday, June 4, 2019, Cruise ships were blocked by the White House Administration from entering the Havana Terminal.

But the Administration ALSO SAID THAT AMERICANS CAN STILL FLY into Cuba.

Simply call any of several airlines flying into Cuba, or book your ticket online.  To be compliant with the WH Administration, your travel reason should be to “Support the Cuban People”.

Food Tours Havana is completely compliant with the WH Administration.

To open the business years ago, Food Tours Havana had to be compliant with the US Treasury Department’s OFAC division.

Food Tours Havana continued to be in compliance when the Trump Administration made changes to Cuba Travel in 2017.  Why?  Because our business only uses private individuals (guides, family restaurants and vendors) rather than state government employees.

That was why Food Tours Havana was created.

Because the June 4, 2019 announcement did not change the category of supporting the Cuban people, Food Tours Havana continues to be compliant by offering a variety of public and private tours that only support individual businesses—again, none of which are affiliated with the state government.

So FLY on over to our beautiful island.   Support the Cuban people’s effort to run private businesses by using Food Tours Havana.  We will fill up your itinerary with food tours, car tours, beach tours and evening tours.

Yes, it is still possible to experience our local stories, food, and culture.