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Summertime in Cuba

on July 7, 2018

It’s summertime all the time in Cuba and the beaches are ideal year ‘round.

As an island, Cuba sports an incredibly pristine coastline.  There are almost 290 categorized beaches, with as many reasons to visit them.  Some are quiet, calm, and relaxing–  perfect for romantic couples.  Others are known as family favorites.  Some attract nudists.  Others attract tourists.  And the LGBT community has their favorites.

Some beaches have a reputation for pirate activities.  And there’s the beach known for political mayhem.

We would be crazy not to share our beaches with you after your Food Tour in Old Havana.  Beach temperatures range from 75 to 84 degrees F, (24 and 29C) with limited precipitation and few clouds virtually all year long.  The waters are virgin and crystal clear.  The breeze is heavenly.

Just let that awesome food tour guide take you a mere 20 minutes outside the city to blue-green waters and white sandy beaches.  A beach off the beaten path.

And of course we want to feed you again.  Our Beach Tour gives you an opportunity to savor fajitas at the beach, accompanied by Piña Colada or local beers.  Sit in a comfortable long beach chair under the cover of a great umbrella.

Take it all in.