Cuban Flavors, Colors and Stories

Food Tours Havana Introduces you to <br/>Great Food in Great Places

Cubans have experienced many changes,
but their cuisine has stayed strong and true.
Let us show you the flavors of Cuba
at their best.

Meet The Founder

Teresa Menendez

With family roots concentrated in the coastal area of Havana, Teresa was raised by a mother who placed a lot of importance on food. No matter the situation, event, weather, or life in general, the day revolved around eating. Each dish was talked about, inspected and savored. And sharing food was an integral part of this experience. “Mami” gladly offered her dishes and recipes, whether she had a lot or a little, because tasting even a morsel
was what it was all about.

Meet The Team and Tour Guides!

Our food tour guides were born and raised in Havana and are all graduates from the University of Havana's School of Foreign Languages.

Yaznay "Yaz" Almeida

Management and Tour Guide (Spanish, English, Italian)

Yaz will win you over with her constant smile and amazing knowledge

Ana Isabel Fuentes

Management and Tour Guide (Spanish, English, German)

Ana makes sure that every customer falls in love with the tours

Siu Leng Ramos Wong

Tour Guide (Spanish and German)

Siu's name alone is a conversation starter but her knowledge is what will impress you


Tour Guide (Spanish and German)

While on the tour, ask Odanier for all the best nightclubs with dancing music

Lena Maria Cue Morales

Tour Guide (Spanish and Italian)

An aficionado of all things Cuban, Lena proudly shows off the tour to everyone

Luis Rodriguez

Tour Guide (Spanish and Italian)

Luis even knows the lives of the people along the tour

Ernesto Céspedes Monte

Tour Guide (Spanish and French)

Of military age, Ernesto is frequently sharing his tour guide time with his military obligations....ask him about it!

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