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14 Ways to Save on Gas, Food and More

on July 12, 2022

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Sarah Tew/CNET

This week, the it would be raising rates, in response to record-high inflation. While this initiative is a first step to containing , it won’t cause prices to drop overnight. With food and gas pricescontinuing to soar, finding ways to save money now is crucial.

How is inflation stretching your monthly budget? This sharp rise in prices is costing US households an extra $296 per month on average, according to a March report from economists at . And until inflation rates begin to retreat, this estimate is likely to keep increasing. 

Hoping to mitigate the rise in everyday goods, some are seriously considering a side hustle. , which breaks down six ways to earn an extra $500 a month, is our most-watched video this year and offers some actionable advice on how to start side-hustling.